Nice story about a man who had his post-wedding party near Marlow

george clooney at sunrise sonning
Credit: Sunrise UK

In 2014, nearby Danesfield House Hotel played host to a party celebrating the wedding of George and Amal Clooney. That is the tenuous link for us reporting on what Hollywood superstar George has been up to recently, although Sonning is quite close, to be fair. Anyway….

Pat Adams, resident at Sunrise care home in Sonning, received a very special surprise when her idol George Clooney paid her a visit on Sunday.

George’s visit was a result of Sunrise of Sonning’s “Wish upon a Star” programme, through which residents are encouraged to make a wish by staff, who do their best to make it come true. They didn’t think they would be able to pull this one off!

George and his wife live in Sonning, and after receiving a few letters and the Sunrise Community Newsletter, George was inspired to make a visit. 

Linda Jones, Concierge at Sunrise of Sonning, got quite a shock on Sunday when a “Mr Clooney” was ringing the door bell, holding the Newsletter, and looking for Pat.  

Pat was both delighted and surprised when George greeted her with a bouquet of flowers and card, and she is still beaming from ear to ear

Malcolm Hague, Divisional Support General Manager at Sunrise of Sonning, said: “We are so delighted that Pat’s wish came true. She was absolutely thrilled to meet her great icon, and it was such a lovely surprise to see George greet her with flowers and a card. This was a classy gesture from a wonderful man, and it has brought smiles to everyone at Sunrise of Sonning! Huge thank you to George!”


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