Marly-le-Roi celebrate 50 years of town twinning.


Our French twin town, Marly-le-Roi arecelebrating the 50th anniversary of the start of their town twinning. (They were twinned to a town in Germany, before formally twinning with us in 1972.)

Last weekend they held a special event, attended by some members of Marlow’s Town Twinning association.   The main photo above shows John Smith (Chairman of Marlow Town Twinning) and wife Trish on the left, and Suzanne Brown (Vice chair) on the right at an exhibition in the town.  

There was also a dinner for 200 Twinners on Saturday night, but perhaps the most quirky part of the weekend was the opening of the “Phone Box Library”.  The traditional British phone box had previously been donated by Marlow’s twinning association. The idea is that residents come along and help themselves and put other books in, and for now it houses a collection of books on the twin towns of Marly, Marlow, plus two others in Portugal and Germany.

The big surprise for Suzanne Brown was to be transported there by Patrick Gautier the chairman of Marly twinning, in a red,white and blue mini!

For more information on Town Twinning and the various activities they undertake (remembering we are also twinned with Budavar in Hungary), visit:

More photos of the phone box on the Twitter page for Marly-le-Roi 




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