Waste and Recycling- what goes where? Introducing WASTE WIZARD!

waste wizard marlow bucks

If you’ve ever been stumped as to whether something you’re throwing away could be recycled, or otherwise how and where it should be disposed of – help is at hand thanks to a new tool from Bucks County council.

Below is the Waste Wizard – simply enter your postcode to start. Then type whatever you like in the search box, to be presented with advice on disposal of that item.  It will also suggests if the item might be donated via Freecycle or similar schemes, or indeed is suitable for composting.

A few random examples if you want to test the system: Try typing Mattress, Food, Foil, Batteries, DVDs, Garden waste…. we learned a few things from just messing around with it!

*NOTE* The Waste Wizard also has a permanent home on our website in the Community section: http://www.mymarlow.co.uk/community/

Bill Chapple, BCC Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment, said: “It’s great that more of our domestic waste can be recycled than ever, but inevitably this can sometimes make recycling a bit confusing – especially during the festive season when there’s more clearing up to be done. Can it be recycled? …and if so, does it go into the kerbside collection, or do I take it to the household recycling centre?”

“The new Waste Wizard answers all these questions for you and is really easy to use, simplifying recycling not just at Christmas but throughout the year.”


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