Marlow Rocks!

marlow rocks

Marlow Rocks! We all know that…. but on this occasion we are talking about the stone variety.  The activity involving hiding and finding painted stones, which has become popular in towns all around the UK, has arrived in Marlow.

This fun twist on hide and seek encourages people to decorate stones with paint, pens or any other water-resistant means, then hide them around Marlow, whilst leaving clues on the Marlow Rocks UK Facebook site to their whereabouts. The group has soared in popularity, in a very short space of time – having reached 700 members at time of writing.

You don’t have to be particularly artistic, some stones just have words of positivity and encouragement.  If the words or pictures mean something to the finder they can keep the stone, or if they prefer they can just rehide it- doubling the fun!

marlow rocks mothers day dropRecently the team organised a special Mother’s Day “drop” which involved hiding several special stones together with prizes from local businesses. In fact… MyMarlow set out on that day and found one of these (see photo)- our very first find! It was a lovely decorated stone plus some flowers donated by Marlow Rowing Club Bar.

Along similar lines, a special St Patrick’s Day drop has already been announced, and an Easter one is likely too.

At MyMarlow, we think it’s a great idea – and well done to those behind the Facebook Group for working to get so many locals engaged!  Obviously all ages can take part but it’s something that families can do together, and is one more activity to get children outside and active! It’s fun.. and it’s FREE!  

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