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Hobbies and interests. Why not go out and do something less boring instead?


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Runners Retreat
The local hub with everything today’s runners need. Not only does the shop feature all the newest designs and technology, it also brings all the help, support and advice customers need from two of the most experienced runners in the area. 
33 West Street (01628 471322)


Saddle Safari
Saddle SafariSaddle Safari is a bike shop which has been in Marlow since 1993, and staffed by a team that know and love their cycling. We pride ourselves on being able to provide for ordinary cyclists and families whilst also catering for the more specialist and experienced riders out there.

9 Dean St (01628 477020)

Art & Craft

Lady Sew and Sew
57 Institute Road, SL7 1BN (01628 890532)
Sewing bits n bobs, material and the like.

Sunflower Framing
7 Dean Street
We have always had genuinely helpful service at this framing shop. They are never short on ideas for how to frame your pictures.


28 Spittal Street, SL7 1DB (01628 478221)



The Marlow Bookshop
22 Spittal St, Marlow SL7 1DB (01628 473240)

WH Smith
19 High Street (01628 890640)


Westmount Music
Unit 4 Brucewood Parade, Marlow Bottom (01628 481510)

Outdoor activities

Mountain warehouse

36-38 High Street (01628 476422)


Snappy Snaps
1 Market Square (01628 898445)

Snowboard and Skate

Sputnik Snowboard Shop
49a West Street (01628 478660)