Marlow Information Centre – not just for tourists!

A conversation with the Centre's staff reveals the impact of Midsomer Murders on tourist numbers - but also that there's much more to Marlow Information Centre than just tourism!

What will a New rugby stadium mean for Marlow?!

What do you think about Wycombe Council backing a Rugby stadium in Booker?
Harvey Jones and Lemongrove

All change – new shops coming

You will have seen quite a lot of work underway at previously vacant shops in Marlow town centre. Here is a summary of what's coming

Tales from the Crypt Cafe

Take a look around the Crypt and let the kids meet like-minded friends in Marlow's newest Youth venture

Have you been to the Two Brewers?

Did you know that there has been a new owner for the last 13 months? Have you visited, what do you think?
Marlow Carnival

Marlow Carnival – Sat 18th Sep

The upcoming Carnival appears in our Events Calendar , but it deserves a special mention, and a bit more detail, so here goes: Marlow Carnival is a well established annual tradition, organised by the Marlow...

Glaze restaurant in the Crowne Plaza

We finally make the trek down to the Crowne Plaza Hotel and visit their Glaze restaurant

Cookham Regatta – a marvellous day out

If you missed the regatta this weekend you missed out, make sure you put it in the diary for next year!

Spotlight on Helen Rathbone

Helen, the owner of Flying Pigs Marketing, thinks up fabulous new ways to entertain the locals.

Calorie burning sporting challenges!

If you have been overindulging during the holidays, here are a couple of ideas to help burn off those calories - a half marathon and a rowing triathlon.