Cancer Research – can you help fundraising in Marlow?


We have been contaced by Sophie Hiley, a local volunteer for Cancer Research UK who told us that the charity does not currently have a Fundraising Group local to Marlow. They are always looking for new groups, as they bring so much to both the local communities and the charity.

Group fundraising is vital. Significant progress has been made in understanding and treating cancer, yet one in three of us will still get cancer at some point in our lives so there’s much more to be done. Quoting from Sophie’s email:

“You Can….do whatever you want to raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK.

We need local people to fundraise and volunteer for the charity so we can continue to research into cancer, and make improvements in diagnosis and treatment of local cancer patients. In Marlow and the surrounding area we are looking to recruit a new fundraising group to put on various fundraising events such as coffee mornings, quizzes, fairs, balls etc – anything you like can be a fundraiser, to raise money for the charity year round.

If you think you would like to be involved with a local group, or anything else to do with the charity please call your local representative Jo McGuinness on 01189 668 269 or email


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