Heart-shaped glasses review of the Marlow Town Regatta.

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Let me just start of by saying I love Marlow Town Regatta, I get excited on the Tuesday before the event when I watch the carnival rides drive through the town and set up their base in Higginson Park.

The Saturday could not come soon enough! This year a bunch of us got together to hire a carpark spot and we rushed down super early to set up the gazebo and the buffet.

A quick outfit change and we are ready to mingle in the enclosure and watch a bit of the racing. Now, I know it is not Henley – and there is no dress code – but every year I am disgusted by some of the outfits, and this year was no different.

A lot of the young girls were wearing tight, short dresses – that I would have been marched straight back upstairs if I had tried to wear the same at that age!

Some must have got dressed in the dark, with their clashing colours and bad hair! It really did seem that the enclosure was just for the young; as they were everywhere getting drunk, starting fights and flashing body parts as they fall on the floor!

The older generation were well dressed – choosing to sit by the water’s edge and watch the rowing serenely. But these people were hard to see amongst the mass of college age kids.

After a few races, I did not want to stay in the enclosure for the above reasons, but I was slightly irked by the fact I had paid to get in and felt uncomfortable. A few arrests were made inside the enclosure which shows there should be at least some entry rules for the enclosure, and definitely more checking of i.d at the bar!

I did not let this experience get me down, the pitches had a great atmosphere and everywhere I looked I could see contented faces with Pimm’s in hands soaking up the sun.

The day ended after a visit to a few of Marlow’s popular establishments and a good time was had by all.

Less than a month to go until Henley Regatta and the excitement is already starting to bubble!

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