Marlow’s historic bridge being refurbished

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As any resident of Marlow is aware, the Bridge has been undergoing some major repairs over the last few months.

It all started in April 2010, when County Councillor Richard Scott presented a petition signed by over 1,000 residents to Buckinghamshire County Council requesting refurbishment of the historic bridge.

A County Council senior bridge adviser agreed that there were some urgent changes needed commenting that “the bridge is currently looking tired with flaking paint and rotting timber” The County Council agreed to spend  £60,000 to replace the timber sections of the parapets, cutting and fitting 600 unique new pieces.

The bridge advisor claimed that the County Council would, ” be painting some of the suspension chains to return the bridge to its former glory”.

Richard Scott said “I am delighted that we have at last obtained funds to carry out these essential works.  The bridge is one of Marlow’s key attractions and should always be maintained to a high standard.”

The work started mid July and will take around 16 weeks to complete.  Luckily, the school holidays have allowed passage across the bridge to be uneventful.

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  1. Updated the blog with some before and after pictures. The work is proceeding slowly, but they seem to be doing a proper job of things. Parts of the bridge railing are being taken away bit by bit for stripping down and repainting…. looks good so far.

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