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A giant sigh of relief was heard after the plans for the stadium in Booker was quashed, we all cheered that we finally felt listened to – even though it took thousands to sign a petition, a peaceful protest and the unrelenting GASP team.

Wycombe Council swayed results from planning application meetings and referendums to do what they thought was best (or what offered them the most money.) But, common sense prevailed and the Council and Wycombe Wanderers/London Wasps scurried away with their tail between their legs, back to their perfectly equipped stadium. (BTW teams, how about filling one small stadium before trying to ruin Green Belt with a huge one.)

After WDC embarrassingly backed down, and all its councillors were filling the corridors with “well I never wanted it in the first place” they, or any other local council surely wouldn’t dare to try and pull the wool over its constituents eyes for a second time… or would it?!

Now it is Bucks County Council’s turn to try and sell off our land and introduce a massive waste disposal unit that would deal with all the surrounding area’s and London’s waste. And, the place they have chosen – Booker. This land must have a high price if all the councils are willing to steam roll their plans without consultations.

Although High Heavens has been talked about amongst councillors for a while, there was no planning application, until now and guess what? You, as a resident, only have a week to get your voice heard! So, to give you some more facts about the project here is an open letter from Councillor Brian Pearce, Wycombe District Council and Councillor Brian Jonson, Great Marlow Parish Council.

Dear Constituents and Parishioners

For the last year or so, the issues surrounding the Stadium Project have dominated the news; but, running parallel with this, has been the proposed development of the waste disposal site at High Heavens – this has now come to the planning stage.

The proposal is to build a new hanger-like structure on part of the existing High Heavens land, where road side collection vehicles will transfer their load into HGV’s, which will then carry the compacted waste to a site in the north of the county.

The planning application goes to many thousands of words, however there are probably three issues which should be considered:

  1. The construction of the building on contaminated land from the former car breaker’s yard.
  2. The improvement of site access, where it is proposed that approximately 30 mature trees will need to be removed to improve the junction with Clay Lane.
  3. The impact of the heavy traffic on Clay Lane, Cressex Road, the Turnpike and John Hall Way.

The proposed figures are as follows:

13000 tons per annum, which will be transported in and out of the site from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  7am to 12pm Saturday and on catch up Sundays.

It is planned that 57 road side collection vehicles will enter and exit the site every day, as will 22 HGV’s, making a total number of movements of 168.

We know that there is a lot of concern from the local residents about the early morning noise, the vibration and possible damage to property, the issues with school children on what is already a very busy road and the problem of very large vehicles negotiating the Turn Pike.

There is a public exhibition this Monday 5th September at Cressex Community School from  3pm to 8pm and we would strongly urge you to attend, but whatever you do, if you feel strongly against this proposal, the only way that it can be defeated is by sending your individual comments to the Planning Officer, who’s email is ecatcheside@buckscc.gov.uk.

It is important that everybody has their voice, so please do not sit back and assume that someone else will do it for you.

There are several articles on the Buck Free Press website, http://www.bucksfreepress.co.uk/search/?search=high+heavens

but whether you approve or disapprove, please let the Planners know, as the outcome is in your hands.


Brian Pearce and Brian Jonson

p.s. BCC is buying over 100 Olympic tickets and will supposdly hand them to those who have “contributed to the community involvement and success of the games” – read into that what you will!

P.P.S another way to get involved: The Environment Agency also have a site where you can comment on the application, this is very important as they need to approve the application if it is to go ahead. Please note comments on this site must be made by 15th September – http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/research/library/consultations/132418.aspx

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