Tom Kerridge’s Pub in the Park – more details emerging

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MyMarlow met up with Tom Kerridge earlier this week to get a bit more info on the upcoming Pub in the Park event taking place in Higginson Park 19-21 May. 

The event has been 4 years in the making – in terms of when the team first came up with the idea. Tom said that “Pubs are all about drink, food, music, games – and put all that into a festival, you’ve got a great day out”

We were told the way to think of the event is as a “Food and drink garden party with music” – basically the food aspect will be a major focus.  A variety of top chefs will be there – some will have pop up version of their restaurants, others will be performing demonstrations, some will be doing doing both. The team believe this will be the best food festival line up in the country this year, in terms of chefs attending – given that there will be at least of 25 Michelin stars between them.  We assume this will be in no small part to Tom’s ability to call on his mates to help out!   

The food will not be full sit down meals- the idea is that you will be able to buy small nibble/sample sized versions of dishes from the featured restaurants/pubs, so you can pick and choose from various establishments. 

We saw the draft list of chefs and bands attending but cannot yet share that info. We can, however, share some more snippets regarding the format of the weekend:

There will be 5 separate sessions – lunchtime/afternoons on Fri-Sun, and evening sessions on Sat and Sun.  A standard ticket gives you access to one of these sessions. There will be food, drink, chef demos and live music in both sessions – but different chefs and different artists/bands in each case. The evening sessions will have more of a music focus than the afternoons.  We were impressed with the draft music line up – plenty of names we recognised!

There will be an area for local pubs to be represented, and various games and activities – in the park and on the river.

There will be 12,000 tickets for sale over the weekend, and they will be on sale from Friday 24th Feb. A limited number will be sold via  a pre-release, and you can sign up to get advance information on this:


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