Leo Gym opening postponed due to Travellers

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At MyMarlow, we were expecting to be announcing the opening of a new gym in Marlow this week. The owners of Leo Gym (leogym.co.uk) have spent the past year, and a considerable amount of money, renovating a building on Globe Park to to turn it into a boutique, London style, Yoga and CrossFit facility.

However…. many residents will already be aware that a large number of travellers have been camped at Globe business park. They are actually on land belonging to Leo Gym, and the travellers have set up meters away from their front door.  

As a result, they have now had to postpone the opening

Bill Kelly from Leo Gym contacted us with the following update: 

“It is too intimidating for our members to have to walk through the centre of the travellers camp to reach the Gym entrance. This has caused absolute havoc as we have had to push back all the classes that have already been booked.

On top of this, we installed a new outside seating area, for outdoor workouts in the summer, which has now been commandeered and defaced by the travellers and we were even met with excrement on our doorstep today.  

Our workmen are too nervous to come in, as they don’t want to leave their vans and equipment unattended, so everything has come to a bit of a standstill at the moment.

We are a group of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to our community and feel so frustrated that, just as we’re about to start, we’ve been dealt a huge set-back.  However, we’re trying to stay optimistic and are using the situation to give us even more fire and determination to make a positive difference and create something that Marlow can be proud of.”

So, what should a really exciting time for the Leo Gym team has turned into a time of stress and uncertainty.  We’d encourage residents to understand the issues over the opening, and get behind them when all this has been resolved!

Article author: MyMarlow Admin

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