RAF100 Baton Relay passes through Marlow

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On 1 April, one hundred years since the formation of the Royal Air Force, the RAF100 Baton Relay started a journey which will take in 100 sites associated with the RAF over the course of 100 days.

The baton has been carried by RAF personnel, cadets, veterans and members of the many RAF sporting associations, plus other groups with links to the RAF – all using a variety of transport methods. 

Passing through Marlow

5th July

A few days before the Relay ends on 10 July at Horseguards Parade,  the baton passed through Marlow, and in fact we were honoured by the involvement of the head of the RAF – Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, and his wife Lady Hillier

Firstly, Lady Hillier took charge of the baton by the Spade Oak in Bourne End, and walked it to Marlow with a group of military spouses – celebrating their support of RAF personnel.

On arrival in Higginson Park, they were met by Mayor of Marlow, Chris Funnell – and the baton was passed from Lady Hillier to her husband Air Chief Marshall Sir Stephen Hillier who was part of a Dragon Boat crew that set off!

6th July – back again!

The baton popped back today, yay! This time it visited Great Marlow School, where it took part in the Year 7 PE lesson which included a mini baton relay 

Photos of both days

See photos below (used with permission of the RAF100 baton relay team)

At Great Marlow School, Year 7 PE Lesson

BONUS CONTENT: Video of a baton pass through the whole group of spouses near Marlow Rugby Club:

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