Confusion over planning approval to change windows in ex-Huttons shopfront

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Updated 13-3-19

This is quite a confusing application! We have clarified the position with Marlow Town Council. As stated in our original article, planning application has been granted to amend the windows in the old Huttons store -and on the basis that the was only one objection (at the time). But, what has actually been granted is permission for the windows shown below, with some detailing along the top.  There was a late “change” proposed on that planning application (basically the even plainer window in the diagram below), and even though it is included in the online documents, it was too late to be considered.  So it is the TOP version which HAS been approved.

However, the owners do wish to install the second window design, and thus ANOTHER application was entered for this. (19/05415/FUL) This application is still open, and it is still possible to object. If you DID object the first time round, and wish to do so again, search for that Ref number here:   This is the ONLY way to object – writing to local councillors etc will have no impact.  (Marlow Town Council reviewed these updated plans yesterday, and strongly object to them.)

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Response from owner Sorbon Estates, 14-3-19

Tamra Booth (Managing Director, Sorbon Estates) told MyMarlow::

“Retaining the character and vibrancy of Marlow High Street is of huge importance to us at Sorbon Estates. We are very much long term investors in the town. This is why we worked extensively with a heritage consultant to help develop a window design that is in-keeping with the high street, including curved glass, and why we are now seeking planning consent. 

“Unfortunately the existing windows, which have been in place for 50 years and are not the originals, do not meet current retailer requirements. In order to ensure the high street is still a thriving part of Marlow in years to come and retains its appeal as a place to live, eat and shop, we have submitted designs to enable more open and visible window displays whilst retaining the character. Consultation periods are very important to us and we always listen intently to the community to ensure the best outcome is achieved for all.”

Original article 12-3-19

Planning approval was just been granted to change windows in ex-Huttons shopfront, which is currently undergoing redevelopment into new retail space.  Approval was required due to the listed status of the building

Although  not clear from the image above, the frontage will remain curved, but with larger panes of glass instead of the small glazing panels currently in place.  Obviously this would be attractive to many retailers in terms of create window displays etc. 

We don’t usually report on every planning application, but this is of note due to the large number of objections posted – albeit at the very last minute – following a local Facebook campaign on “It’s a Marlow Thing”. These last minute objections were not referred to in the final “Officers Report”, which looks like it was prepared around the same time.

Cllr Richard Scott was indicative of the various objections:

“I strongly object to this application. The existing multi-paned bow windows are a
distinctive feature of the lower part of our High Street and complement those of two other shops that are directly opposite…….. These windows represent one of the main reasons why this frontage of this building is listed. To change them is unnecessary and will have a detrimental effect on the street scene.”

It should be noted that there was no formal objection from the WDC Conservation officer, local councils etc, and the application stated “the existing shop front does not form part of the original fabric of the listed building and was installed during the mid-20th Century. The new glazing, door and fascia panel will retain the significance of the listed building”.


Article author: Paul Merchant

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