Marlow Art Trail

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10 Artists, 5 venues
Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August 2020, 10am – 4pm each day

This weekend is the first MARLOW ART TRAIL, created by a group of local artists who have a passion for
their work and wanting to share it with us.

It all sounds a fantastic idea, and one of the organisers, Keith Clarke told MyMarlow: “The hope is to make this an annual event and we have had several enquiries from additional artists who would like to join in next year” . There is even a fantastic competition to win some of the artworks!

How does the trail work?

  • Runs Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August 2020, 10am – 4pm each day
  • Each artist has an open studio or an outdoor area displaying work.
  • You can meet the artists, view the work, and buy original pieces, prints, cards, and Limited Editions.
  • Visit the stops on the trail in any order.
  • (Details of each artist further down in this article)

FREE COMPETITION to win artworks

PRIZE: Including Limited Edition framed print of MARLOW by Keith Clarke, a pair of earrings by Mel
Lisney and a MARLOW mug by David Wright and other interesting art pieces.

TO ENTER: A pamphlet can be picked up on the trail (or download a copy here). Simply visit 4 or more artists on the trail and have the artist sign the box near their details. Fill in your details and post or drop the form off to: KCsketchbook 3 Tilecotes Close, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. SL7 2NU

The draw will take place on 13 September and the winners will be notified by text or phone. No
data given will be stored or used. GOOD LUCK.

Artists taking part

Keith Clarke – Tilecotes Close, Marlow SL7 2NU

Ink Enthusiast resident of MARLOW since 1984. Keith combines his love of architecture, history and sketching to produce memorable sketches and drawings ideal for keepsakes or presents.  Pen and Ink drawings and watercolours mainly of MARLOW and the surrounding areas.Greeting cards £3.50, Framed Limited Edition prints from £25, larger originals and watercolours from £90.  

Mel Lisney Corner – Corner of Cambridge Road and Dean Street SL7 3AD look for the sign

Mel creates abstract multimedia images.  Her inspiration is wide and varied – from the cosmos to a butterfly.  Expect drama and impact.  Canvasses from £40 – £150.  Domed Glass Earrings from £10.  07967 042993

Monique Sharp – 118 Marlow Bottom Road, Marlow SL7 3PH

Over the years Monique has branched out and acquired more modern techniques in alternative art forms, turning more towards the abstract world. Painting on canvas has been one of them, then more recently I discovered “Resin Art” painting with its various techniques and mediums as an abstract work. It is certainly very different to conventional work but very exciting and also extremely rewarding, if not always completely predictable.  07754 724457

Bee Skelton 118 Marlow Bottom Road, Marlow SL7 3PH

Bee’s bright painting style is instantly recognisable. 

Her focus being to make joyful pictures, inspired by places, people and landscapes, she and others love. This summer she is out in Marlow making preparatory sketches for a new series of local paintings.

David Wright, Corner of Cambridge Road and Dean Street SL7 3AD look for the sign

 David Wright, an artisan potter from Henley. David mostly makes functional stoneware mugs (from £8) to larger plates (from £35) and decorative items. David started pottery at school a very long time ago and despite having a very busy career as a doctor he has always kept his interest alive. Now retired he devotes more time to making beautiful everyday use items. He will happily take on commissions if you don’t see quite what you would like. A selection of his pottery is also available at the Dancing Teapot in Liston Court, Marlow.  Instagram ddiwceramics 07803 028652

Tara-Lee Hollander – 118 Marlow Bottom Road, Marlow SL7 3PH

Tara – Lee Hollander is a self-taught painter and art teacher with a passion for expressing emotion through her work.  Living in many countries amongst diverse cultures has influenced her work throughout the years. Tara-Lee mostly works in oils, but loves to fill her sketch books with watercolours, charcoal sketches and acrylic paint. https:/    01628 311319

Richard Grinter – 19 Rookery Court, Marlow SL7 3HR

Impasto Oil painter Richard lives in Marlow. His painterly style rejects his old graphic designer work, and frees him up to concentrate on mood and the emotion in a scene. For Richard, it is what a scene feels like rather than what it looks like.

Prints, originals and bone China mugs for sale. 07515 551487

Dancing Teapot Gallery 7 Liston Court. Marlow SL7

The gallery shows art in multiple media by local artists. Oils, watercolour, drawings, prints, sculpture and jewellery. A home for artists and crafters as well as those who love supporting the art community 07932 624613

Mike Bourton Books available from artists on the MARLOW ART TRAIL.

Mike, a local casual poet and illustrator, wrote 67 consecutive poems about Lockdown from 26 March until 31 May. The poems have been collated into a lockdown diary, The Virus Poems. The stories and illustrations follow Mike and his Dalmatian dog, Bruce, in self isolation and their sometimes light hearted but occasionally difficult journey.  Each day in the Covid diary also includes the key news headlines of the day. 

The books are now available for £12.99 through local outlets, Amazon and www.theviruspoems.comHowever, signed copies can be purchased for £10 from any of the artists involved in the MARLOW ART TRAIL.

Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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