Marlow Remembrance Service

Service will be streamed HERE on Sun 8th Nov 10.30am is one of a few places you can watch the Marlow Remembrance Service, which will be streamed HERE on Sunday 8th November at 10.30am. Due to Covid-19, the usual parade and service have of course sadly been cancelled.

How to watch the Remembrance Service

Simply be here in time for the live stream. In the video image below, you might want to hover over it, and click the “FULL SCREEN” icon in the bottom right.

For MOBILE users, the video may look too large, in which case scroll your screen to navigate to the bottom right, and select FULL SCREEN as mentioned above.

Check your audio!

On the demo video, you should be able to hear music – if not then hover over the bottom left of the video, and “UNMUTE” by clicking the icon shown

If you can see and hear the demo video below…. you are all set!!