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Anthony Burnham, the owner of the Two Brewers has opened his doors to talk to us about his love for traditional pubs and trying to please the neighbours.

For the last 13 months the Two Brewers has had a new owner, if you aren’t even sure where the Two Brewers is then you are missing out on a hidden gem.

Two Brewers is situated behind the high street on St Peters Street, adjacent to the river with a massive beer garden and ample parking.

As a regular pub visitor I have been to nearly all the pubs on the high street, but I always forget about the great pubs on the outskirts like the Duke of Cambridge, the Royal Oak and Two Brewers.

Walk into the Two Brewers and you will immediately feel like you have walked into a Sunday afternoon in 1940. There are classic locals adorning the bar, a roaring fire, wooden seating and the luxury of free nibbles. But, what about everything else it can offer?

Anthony wanted to keep the traditional feel of the pub he says he “loves traditional English pubs, but it took two years to find this place, but I am happy because this is so perfect.”

Coming from an IT background and working in London, Anthony craved the countryside and as soon as he purchased the Two Brewers he set about raising the restaurants standards, and hopes to one day be compared to other great restaurants in Marlow.

The restaurant has three seating areas, where you can tuck into a full a la carte menu (to be reviewed by Editor Paul). Or, if you choose to just take a meal at the bar then you are in for a treat. While I was sitting at the bar two girls ordered the sharing platter next to me – omg, it was huge! The bar menu is titled ‘bar snacks’ well, unless they are expecting Desperate Dan anyone would be more than full on what was on offer.

To go with your ‘snacks’ there is a choice of 48 wines and a variety of spirits to meet all tastes.

Driving through the town on a Sunday you can’t help but notice the BBQ sign on the corner by Burgers, Anthony will continue to do the BBQ while there is still a summer and he says that “for £10 you can get a choice of meet, veg and salad, what more do you want on a hot summer day?”

But, if you do want something extra then don’t be afraid to ask. The Two Brewers has a heated barn which can accommodate 60 people, or more if a gazebo is added. The barn can include a private bar for any occasion. Anthony has recently had children’s workshops, christenings, weddings and even a burlesque night.

Customers can even have a band, although Anthony is always aware of the neighbours and gives them plenty of warning before any events.

The staff at Two Brewers can even be your event planners, so all you need to suggest is a theme, food and drink and they will arrange everything else (you pay for it of course).

This pub is offering more than your average high street pub, but it is the patrons that can make or break a place.

Go to the pub, try the wine or the food or both and let us know what you think.

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