A brand new restaurant coming to Marlow? La Cantina del Vino?

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Artists impression of the building as first reported in our blog July 2010. This was prepared at early stage, so is not necessarily what we might expect as the end result!

We have been doing some detective work around the building work going on at The Barn, Morris Place (more commonly known as “that old barn just outside the side entrance to Marks and Sparks, you know – used to be the back of Mustoo Brand”)

We have no official word as yet, but all the evidence points to an Italian restaurant, to include outdoor seating, called “La Cantina del Vino”.

So… the evidence we have gleaned:

(1) Application to sell alcohol posted up, with name of applicant being “La Cantina Del Vino Ltd”

“Applications for premises licences” is posted up on the window of the barn, but its impossible to actually read without going behind the builders barriers. (despite regulations that they “..must display a poster prominently on the application premises. It must be in an exterior location so that the public can read it conveniently at any time of day.”) The details are available online in any case.

(2) Restaurant of the same name trading in Farnham Common

La Cantina del Vino in Farnham Common is described on their website (www.lacantinadelvino.co.uk) thus:

“featuring good authentic Italian food in comfortable, modern surroundings. La Cantina Del Vino offers alfresco dining in the warm summer months and a variety of eating experiences including seasonal dishes, home-made Italian favourites and the versatility of Italian style dining outside normal lunch and dinner hours”

(3) The owners of the Farnham Common restaurant as per their website… are the shareholders of “La Cantina del Vino Ltd”!

This is our conclusive evidence, based on publicly recorded company information that the two are definitely linked (comprehensive research eh?). Of course, the Marlow restaurant may well end up with a different name.

(4) Planning applications available to view on Wycombe District Council website

There are extensive documents available on the  WDC Planning website, covering floor plans and all sorts of stuff.

  • “Listed building application for erection of single storey extension and change of use to existing barn to create 1 x A3 unit, with associated internal/external alterations, extract system and bin storage”
  • “Change of use to provide an outdoor seating area for the associated restaurant use of adjacent building with fixed parasol shading

We tried to contact the company, but they were mysteriously “unavailable for comment” as they say…..  We will of course keep you updated with developments as we hear of them, and feel free to share any related news and gossip you might hear!

3 thoughts on “A brand new restaurant coming to Marlow? La Cantina del Vino?”

  1. Nice to see plenty of new restaurants opening / being planned in Marlow. Although, I’m not sure the Al Fresco dinning at La Cantina del Vino is going to be that glamorous – shopping trollies crashing past, people shopping in M&S, the distant repeated chant of “have you ever been inside the old fashioned sweetshop” etc..

  2. There are enough Italian restaurants already. We could do with a decent Spanish restaurant like the one in Henley.

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