Baroosh- what can we expect?

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About two years after the initial planning application, this week permission was granted to convert the existing Lloyds Bank building on Marlow High Street for bar/cafe use.  There had been considerable opposition to the original proposal, much of it based around the bank leaving town – but Lloyds have in fact secured an alternative location in town (17 High Street, where the off licence currently is – shame to lose that, it has to be said.) Anyway, the way has been left clear for a new bar,   and it will be… Baroosh.

Lloyds currently provides a handy mid-High Street cashpoint, convenient for Starbucks – but I have to say it’s replacement looks like an exciting prospect for the towns nightlife!

This website snapshot suggests the sort of look we can expect from the new bar.

Baroosh has 7 other bars located around the South East, all with a vibrant and contemporary styling.

The group’s website states ” Baroosh invites you to enjoy great food, wine, beers and cocktails from around the world. Our over 21’s policy makes sure that it is the grown-ups that are enjoying themselves in our bars.

Baroosh certainly do have a comprehensive cocktails menu, and a varied/eclectic wine list.  They have a standard food menu across the bars – wraps, salads, burgers and similar mains, plus interesting “tapas” like mini nibbles to go with the drinks.  They also do brunch, and serve a range of teas and coffees.

On Wycombe District Councils planning site you can view a PDF showing detailed plans of the intended layout. We have a much reduced version below, just to indicate the size of the place. It’s big. It will extend much further back than you might imagine based on what the inside of Lloyds Bank looks like.. and will even have courtyard seating at the back.

Overview of the plan... just to show the scale of the place!

As always.. we will keep you up to date with progress and opening dates…

6 thoughts on “Baroosh- what can we expect?”

  1. ++What great news for Marlow! We badly need a wine bar in Marlow and the Lloyds Bank building in the centre of the High Street is the perfect place for it to be, it’s a prime location and the availability of car parking spaces on the site will be most welcome.

    My members of the local jet set will welcome it with open arms and will support it to the hilt.

    Well done Wycombe Councillors for supporting this essential new venture in our Town

  2. Can only assume Terry Price’s message is in jest. Marlow has wine bars, it doesn’t have members of the ‘jet set’ and if it did they would not call themselves it. Also look at the plans, there are no car park spaces for customers.

    Well done Wycombe Councillors for wasting everyone’s time and money. Why relocate a perfectly good bank – very environmental.

  3. Appalling – another generic, class-less, over-priced, pretentious ‘wine bar’. This is not what Marlow needs.

  4. This is a good idea for marlow, and the basis that you guys are saying its a ‘wine bar’. If you look through the company website it is the same as what you get from the slug and lettuce, the prices are reasonably the same, its just better quality products initially.

  5. Oh no.

    Not another glitzy bar that looks like an airport waiting lounge. This to go with the plethora of coffee shops, extortionately priced clothes stores and sandwich joints.

    Has nobody got any imagination anymore?

  6. Cliff, if you’ve got such big imagination then do tell what’s your big idea. We have kids n luv’em dearly but it’s about time the adults had somewhere smart and stylish to go without them! Well done Baroosh!

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