Tales of a Riverbank: a superb self-guided walk

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discovering britainThe Royal Geographical Society has just published a brand new walk from Marlow to Bourne End

“Tales of a Riverbank” is a walk is suitable for all ages and abilities, free to download and self-guided so you can do it whenever you want.

The guidance comes in the form of a whole load of downloadable items including:

  • Various PDFs – An introduction ,  A 37 page guide, maps
  • Mp3 Audio guide – to download and listen as you walk

Here is the direct link: www.discoveringbritain.org/walks/region/south-east-england/marlow.html

We’ve had a look in some detail, and have to say it’s all VERY impressive. We’d really recommend you taking a look even if you’ve lived here for years and walked along that very stretch umpteen times like we have. It really is good!!

The walk has been created by Mike Jackson, a Marlow resident and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, who provided the following summary of what to expect:

page 1
Page 1 of... 37 in the full PDF guide!

“This delightful walk explores the riverside from Marlow downstream to Bourne End. Along the way you will see the physical characteristics of the Middle Thames – its width and its bends, its floodplains and its sediments, its fish and wildfowl.

You will learn how people have earned their livelihoods along the banks of the river, how Marlow was once a poor riverside port and how its trade declined when the railways arrived. Discover how the Victorians found new uses for the river and made it a playground for the upper classes, and see the leisure activities that continue along the riverbank today.

Find out about literature written by authors who were inspired by the beauty of this stretch of the Thames. Hear some unusual tales about wild woods, puppy pie, a cardboard castle and the mysteries of Peterswood….”

Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded MyMarlow.co.uk in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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