Coach and Horses – will Tom Kerridge be taking over?

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How Tom MIGHT look outside the Coach and Horses, and what he MIGHT say.
How Tom MIGHT look outside the Coach and Horses, and what he MIGHT say.

Early days yet….. but a planning application has been lodged by Tom and Beth Kerridge in relation to the Coach and Horses pub, Marlow.

It is described as “” … refurbishment of existing property with single storey extension to the rear…”

So what does Marlow’s celebrity 2 Michelin starred restaurateur have in mind?
(For anyone who doesn’t know, Tom runs the 2 starred Hand and Flowers in Marlow, and has had his own TV series etc etc. All round great chef and nice bloke)

Looking at the proposed layout – it does not seem to suggest a traditional restaurant layout that you might expect – but retaining a pub layout, with a much increased bar size, with lots of bar seating.  The plans also include a substantial sized kitchen at the back – this bit is perhaps not a surprise!   So, in a word .. interesting!!   We will of course keep you posted as we hear more.

Have a look for yourself at: WDC Planning application page and search for reference: 14/06446/FUL

Extracts are shown below. On the left, the current layout pretty much unchanged since I first set foot in there over 25 years ago. On the right, Tom’s proposed layout.

Coach and Horses -

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  1. The best chinese I ever tried will disappear and another expensive gastro-pub in Marlow! People DO NOT WANT THAT!

  2. Best Chinese for miles. Does anybody know where they can be found now??? I don’t want kedgeree. I want chicken and yellowbean.

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