Are you on your own on Christmas Day 2014?

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This is a brilliant initiative.   Many people of all ages can find Christmas Day difficult and lonely, so this is a Christmas Day lunch organised for anyone who would otherwise be spending the day alone.

It’s been run by Julie Lyons and Suzanne Brown (yep, The Mayor) for the last 6 years, who take it in turns to do the cooking. Last year there were 44 people, and they need to know numbers in advance , you cannot turn up on the day as they may not have enough food to go round!

Venue will be determined based on numbers coming, local transport can be provided,  and any helpers are welcome!

Details in the poster below, contact Suzanne on 01628 475726 or  Julie on 01628 473565 if you would like to join.

2014 christmas alone

Article author: Paul Merchant

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