Marlow 2014 review – via Facebook!

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First things- Happy New Year to all of you! We thought a nice way to wrap up 2014 from our perspective was to look back over the Facebook posts we made in the year, and see what you found most interesting and popular.  So, the following was compiled from an analysis of our Facebook statistics. (for those who don’t know… when you have a non-personal page like MyMarlow – Facebook provides statistics on number of people seeing posts etc etc)

Most popular photos

We are proud of the photos we get to share with everyone, some taken by us – many submitted by others.  The most popular photos (not linked to blog stories etc) , are included below, each one getting 400-500+ “Likes”… the old Rolls Royce advert from 1938, a standard view of the river from the park, and kayaks at sunset.  Common theme – well, the church and bridge are in each, and they obviously form THE iconic views of Marlow.

2014 top photos collage



Most shared  Facebook post – 1,055 Shares!

We occasionally get asked to share pictures of lost dogs and the like, and these generally get shared far and wide as the good users of Facebook do their bit to help out.  Our most shared post of 2014 fell into that category. When Drew’s owners asked us to help, the post was shared an amazing 1,055 times!!   Drew was luckily found alive and well soon after – was it a direct result of this post? Who knows… but we do know it was seen by 41,376 people on Facebook!!

2014 Drew the lost dog


Most Liked post – 668 Likes

We had plenty of Tom Kerridge related posts in the year… most recently about his new venture – The Coach.   But way back in Feb 2014 – remember the awful flooding?  Fire-crews were out all day and night pumping water from affected areas, and the now gone Gather and Hunt shop tweeted that they could do with some hot food. Tom Kerridge replied, and our reporting of it was liked by 441 people directly on our Facebook page, but taking into account Likes when shared by others – we know it got 668 Likes in total!  It was seen buy over 11,000 people too.

2014 kerridge soup


Most viewed posts

I guess this could be seen as the “main prize” – which of our Facebook posts were seen by the most Facebook users?  These posts will be the ones that go “viral” in terms of getting lots of shares/likes and comments…. meaning they will then appear on the timelines of other people who do not follow Marlow on Facebook.  I have excluded posts for missing people/lost dogs etc in this analysis (they easily get many tens of thousands of views, but are shared for reasons other than “popularity”)

3rd Place – 16,928 unique Facebook users reached…

Our sneak peek inside the Two Brewers just before it reopened following the devastating fire the year before. I think people were happy to see landlord Anthony Burnham back, and swigging a beer.

2014 brewers

2nd Place –  22,912 unique Facebook users reached…

Our very early news of Tom Kerridge’s plans to take over the Coach and Horses. Our knocked up graphic has a very outdated image of Tom, compared to the much slimmer version we see nowadays!

2014 kerridge


1st Place –  27,808 unique Facebook users reached…

Our exclusive image of George Clooney and his new wife Amal outside Wimpy!   This is also the place to confirm this was knocked up by us in Photoshop in less than 5 minutes….. yet some people commenting on the post, who clearly don’t know our style – thought it was real. Ooops! 🙂


2014 clooney

Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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