REVIEW: 3D Lipo treatment at SpringWell clinic

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springwell - outsideSummer has finally arrived, but are you ready to bare your body?  We tried the new 3D Lipo treatment on offer at SpringWell clinic on Oxford Road.  Having tried various body sculpting treatments over the years, I’ve become slightly sceptical about the promises made and generally speaking they are not pleasant treatments. However, there were good results after just one visit that concentrated on the ‘not-so-toned’ tummy area – a reduction of 5cm overall after a relaxing 90 minutes in the safe hands of Zara.  Read on for more details…..

springwell - roomAfter a short health questionnaire and a quick chat about my areas of concern the before measurements and photos were taken. Then we got down to business. The treatment has a maximum of 4 stages and is tailored to you to get the best results. The first stage was using Ultrasound Cavitation, which effectively bursts those pesky fat cells.  Secondly, a rather nice relaxing 15 minutes of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening – this gently heats the skin up to promote collage production.  It felt a bit like sunbathing and this one really did leave my skin feeling much smoother and looking tighter.  Lastly for me was the vacuum massage, which mechanically helps those now dead fat calls be absorbed and expelled from the body. A course of 8 treatments is recommended for the best results, but even after one treatment I saw improvements.  I’m not ready to show you the after pictures yet, but the new measurements gave me an instant reduction of 5.5cms; who knows after some more treatments!

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