JAMFEST – celebrating 10 years of Jam Theatre!

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jam fest FB imageFrom July 1st to celebrate 10 years of the wonderful Jam Theatre in Marlow, it is… JAMFEST – 10  shows in 10 days!

Quite how they are managing the logistics of having all this going on in such a short space of time doesn’t bear thinking about – but you can bet each show will be fantastic. Over the years we have been to a number of shows and have been blown away every time.

Those who know JAM don’t need telling how good they are.  Others, knowing perhaps that Jam run classes for kids might think they just produce the sort of shows you would only see if your kids are in them. You know what we mean… but this is far, far from the reality. They produce professional productions, because that is what they are – a professional theatre company!

At MyMarlow we believe they are a real asset to our community, and could go on and on about everything they do… but for now – just book into a show or two and see for yourself!

The full schedule and online booking is here: www.jamtheatre.co.uk/jamfest.html

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