Police to enforce Marlow Bridge weight restriction

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Thames Valley Police have issued a press release outlining their intention to fully enforce the weight limit on Marlow Bridge. The full text is below:

Thames Valley Police will be checking vehicles crossing Marlow Bridge to make sure they do not exceed the weight limit.

For six weeks, from Wednesday 1 March 2017, any overweight vehicles trying to cross the bridge will be turned around by officers and issued with an advisory notice.

After this period Thames Valley Police will enforce the weight restriction and issue £50 fixed penalty notices to drivers breaching this traffic regulation.

Marlow Bridge is a Grade 1 listed structure and its use is restricted to vehicles under three tonnes maximum gross weight (MGW) and less than 6ft 6ins wide.

It is the driver’s responsibility to know their vehicles MGW and to ensure that they do not infringe road traffic regulations. If anyone is unsure of their vehicles MGW they should refer to the vehicle handbook, supplying dealer or manufacturer’s website.

Whilst there are some exceptions, typically the following vehicles should not be using this bridge: Range Rovers, Discoveries, Ford Transit vans, Mercedes Sprinter vans, Volvo XC90s, 4WD pick-ups, Mercedes GLE/GLS/G Classes and Audi Q7s.  

The number of passengers or luggage within the vehicle has no bearing on its MGW.

PS Robin Hughes from Marlow neighbourhood team said: “We appreciate that this activity may cause some traffic disruption in the short term however it is imperative that people understand the importance of not driving overweight vehicles on this bridge. The weight restrictions are clearly signposted and the alternative route for vehicles that exceed this, along the A404 bypass, will add just a few minutes onto most people’s journeys.”

“By adhering to these simple road traffic regulations we can all help to prevent future disruption in the area for residents, visitors and commuters and ensure that this well-loved local landmark remains undamaged.”

Official poster below

thames valley police bridge warning

Article author: Paul Merchant

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