Marlow FM Hidden Gems Awards 2019 RESULTS!

Last night the winners of the 2019 Hidden Gems Awards were announced. Marlow FM had invited nominations from the public, and the top three were then put out for a public vote. The winners were revealed at a sparkling awards dinner at Danesfield House, and we have all the details here.

Winter Hill Cock Marsh Cookham

GUEST POST: Back to the future at Winter Hill

Over the years, the Winter Hill area has not fared well. Even as recently as the 1950s there was an open view across to our neighbours on the other side of the river, but today the hillside is largely covered with self-seeded trees, scrub and the odd chicken. The National Trust are soon to start works to tackle this – in an effort to restore at least some of the view and chalk grassland, improve the biodiversity and future proof the area against disease like Ash die back (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus).