REVIEW: Premiere of Sunset Cinema at Cliveden with Rick Stein

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On Tue 21st June , MyMarlow was lucky enough to be at the premiere of “Sunset Cinema”.

This is the latest venture from the Pop-Up Picture Company, who were behind the amazingly successful and sell-out Pop Up Picture House with Tom Kerridge in Marlow last Christmas. 

This time they teamed up with Rick Stein, who attended the premiere, at Cliveden House until 11th July. 

Those lucky enough to have secured tickets will watch a classic film outdoors, and be served a two-course set meal curated by Rick Stein himself. The menus featuring plenty of Rick’s signature seafood dishes and Tom Kerridge’s Hand & Flowers ice cream in the interval.

In addition to the film and food, guests at the premiere were also treated to a welcome reception, and a talk from Rick Stein – plus a signed copy of his book!

Food varies on different days,  but we had a yummy starter of Crisp smoked Mackarel with Green Mango and Green Paw Paw Salad.  This was followed up by a huge serving of scrummy Fish Pie with Cod, Prawns and smoked Haddock.  Each sofa seat of two is given a dish to share.

For the premiere, we watched “Scandal” which tells the story of the Profumo scandal – much of which centered around events at Cliveden in the early 1960s. A perfectly apt film for the setting, very entertaining to watch – and of course paired with superb food. This was a superb evening’s entertainment, on a perfect summer’s evening. If secured tickets, you are in for a treat!

Tickets for the entire run at Cliveden have sold out, but there are still some tickets for the July run at Chewton Glen hotel in Hampshire:

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Article author: Paul Merchant

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