31 Aug-2 Sep: Footbridge repair and impact on A404, Parkway and Marlow Bridge

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Significant traffic disruption to due impending road closures…

Due to repairs to the footbridge spanning the bypass/Parkway, there will be various road closures and restrictions in place from Friday 31st Aug 9pm – Monday 3rd September 5am.  The temporary removal of the footbridge has been previously postponed, and the actual planned closures have changed from original plans – but from various sources we have collated the up to date position!

  • A404 Marlow bypass – closes all weekend from the Bisham to Little Marlow Roundabouts – ie Fri 9am to Mon 5am.
  • The Parkway (the road the fire station is on) – originally planned to be closed all weekend, but  will now remain open, with occasional closures for periods of up to 15 minutes on Saturday whilst the crane is lifting the bridge and staircases.  These closures will be controlled by Stop/Go boards. 
  • Marlow Bridge –  Highways England will have the bridge manned at all times during the A404 closure and will turn back any overweight vehicles, ie to avoid misuse of the bridge by overweight vehicles attempting to cut through. This supersedes the previous plan to close the bridge.

Why? Repairs to the Volvo footbridge

volvo footbridge marlow plaque

The footbridge in our main picture, donated by Volvo back in 1986 needs repair work to the staircases and repainting. It is not possible to do the work at the site, and so the footbridge is being removed for the work to be carried out on it elsewhere. (Note – there is an official request NOT to attempt to walk onto the A404 during these closures to see the bridge being removed!)

Diversions during the work?

A404 volvo footbridge roads closed diversion
(click image for full size version)

Local traffic will be diverted off the A404- via Henley and Marlow, ie Henley Road-West St-Spittal St-Little Marlow road. Traffic going from M4 to M40 (and vice-versa) will be diverted via the M25.

Delays are obviously expected during these weekend closures.

Hang on – that diversions goes right through the roadworks for the overnight Obelisk repairs?!!

Yes – the “local traffic” diversion brings cars along West St/Spittal St- but the obelisk overnight repair work (involving 3 way traffic lights – see details here) will cease for the duration of the other road closures mentioned here. Thanks to Marlow Town Council for making sure this was arranged!

Diversions for users of the footbridge while it is absent for repairs?

For those who usually use the footbridge (walkers, dog walkers etc) the alternative route whilst the bridge has been removed will involve crossing the roundabout as shown in the image.

click image for larger version

And it is coming back when?

The bridge will be brought back to be refitted in October, with the same road closures from 9 pm on Friday 12 October to 5 am on Monday 15 October 2018

Article author: Paul Merchant

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