Plans APPROVED for mystery shop/cafe, but Stocks is here to stay

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Earlier this year, “Exquisite”, the Portuguese shop in Anglers Court, Spittal Street, closed.  Since then, a gift shop Stocks ( has moved in, and we can confirm this is a permanent arrangement, and not a “pop up”.

So, we are assuming that the reason for this application has passed, and Stocks has moved in instead of whatever business was considering it.

Change of Use Planning Application

We reported back in June that a planning application had gone in for a change of use by the landlords.   The application is of Change of use from A1 (retail) use to a mixed A1 (retail) A3 (café/restaurant) and A5 (hot food takeaway) use.  Technically, the consent given is for “one or more uses within” those classes. 

This is quite an odd combination, a fact which was referred to in the application – stating that the proposal was to have a primary function as a café/restaurant with the ability to have an hot food takeaway element, whilst also being able to have retail sales of other food items.

The planning approval is valid for 3 years, but we guess it will remain a mystery what the application was all about!

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