Prince of Wales pub damaged by fallen tree * NOW REOPENED*

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[Update 12-3-19 15:45 Great news- the roof is sealed and building is safe! The bar is OPEN! Note it is cash only as there is no internet for card machine. Carol’sKitchen will be serving food from 7am tomorrow. They still have 3 B and B rooms which were affected and will available for booking as usual. Hurrah!]

[Update 12-3-19 07:00 – the story has made the BBC news! ]

[Update 11-3-19 17:15  Surveyor has visited, the pub is awaiting his report in writing before making the decision of when to open] 

As we mentioned on social media yesterday, a large tree was brought down in the storm on Sunday morning – landing on the Prince of Wales pub.   Thankfully, no-one was injured but the pub was visibly damaged.   In addition, the tree also made a huge gap in the wall of the garden it was in, and damaged a car parked underneath.

Fallen tree damaged car

That part of Mill Road was closed to traffic and pedestrians for a large part of the day until the tree could be removed.

At this stage, the pub will remain closed whilst they await expert assessment, and confirmation that the building is safe. (*MyMarlow will update this page as news develops*)

In addition there were other trees around Marlow blown over during the storm, as shown in the photos below:

Rookery Park
Victoria Road, near Doctors Surgery
Victoria Road, near Doctors Surgery
Fallen tree
Towpath – this one fell down mid afternoon


Seymour Park Road 

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