*UPDATED* Plans for a vegan/vegetarian cafe in Crown Lane

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We previously reported on plans for “Change of use from Use Class A1 (hairdressers) to Use Class A3 (vegetarian/vegan cafe with specialty coffee and teas) for the old “Chic” salon on Crown Lane.

The original plans were amended to incorporate a seating area outside – but this was then removed, due to being overlooked by housing etc.  There was also an issue with the extraction system, and an alternative was proposed.

As a  result…. the Planning Application was approved on the 6th of June.

The detailed notes accompanying it state: “now that the external seating area has been withdrawn from the application, no further issues relating to neighbouring amenity are considered apparent. It is however considered necessary to condition the opening times given the proximity of residential properties. “

Caveat on opening hours

The approval states “The use of the premises shall be restricted to the hours of 07:00 to 17:00 Mondays to Fridays, and 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays, and the premises shall not be used at any time on Sundays and Bank or Statutory Holidays.
Reason: In the interests of the amenities of adjoining residents.”

But one more step needed

As stated in the notes ” The applicant is aware of the need to apply for listed building consent”  This relates to the “extraction louvre” which is included in the plans. The notes do suggest that the louvre would not harm the listed building.”

More details as plans develop!

Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded MyMarlow.co.uk in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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