Seed1 – the new not-for-profit, zero waste shop in Marlow

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MyMarlow recently announced the opening of Seed1 – a not-for-profit, zero waste shop in the old Toni & Guy premises on the High Street. We have now been back to check out the shop which during the week. We met up with Lora Wilson, and were very impressed with her vision, passion and drive for this venture. Lora explained that she wants to make it easier for people in our community to make sustainable and environmentally friendly choices.

Here’s the low down on what we can expect from the shop, and what else Lora has planned….

What will Seed1 stock?

At present we are selling sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives to household products such as rice husk reusable cups, stainless steel lunchboxes, bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner bars as well as some less well known alternatives such as reusable tea bags for loose-leaf tea, coconut coir scrubbing brushes for the kitchen, toothtabs to replace toothpaste tubes, reusable baby wipes and natural rubber dog toys.

And will the offering change in the coming weeks?

From next week we will also have re-fills available for household products such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid, cleaning products and some toiletries. People can bring their own containers to refill and everything will be sold by weight. If you don’t have any containers to use, we are also starting a bottle bank where those with extra bottles and jars can drop them off (clean!) for others to use.

In the next 3-4 weeks we are also looking to offer food re-fills including pasta, rice, cereals, beans, nuts, dried fruit and snacks.

We also hope to establish a second hand bookshop area in the next two months so are looking for good quality second hand books to be donated during our opening hours 10-6 Tuesday to Saturday.

What is the story behind “Seed1”?

In August 2017 I started volunteering at Wycombe Homeless Connection at their night shelter, support centre and in the office. WHC do amazing work but it was clear to me that within the current framework, those experiencing homelessness face huge obstacles in accessing accommodation, work and support and I wanted to build a place where everything was brought together for them, to give them a safe and supportive space to grow. My ultimate vision is for a piece of land where we can build sustainable housing and an education and support centre, as well as developing a small-holding to grow food.

This is still my goal, but it’s such a huge project that I decided to start with a small business to offer the homeless work experience and employment, while I continue to work on the bigger picture. Seed1 is the first of many seeds out of which I hope this project will flourish!

This is a pop-up at present, will it ever be permanent?

Yes, we’re up and running in our pop-up shop but have set up a crowd-funding page with the aim of properly establishing a permanent shop and accommodate and employ a few people currently experiencing homelessness during our first year. We aim to be self-sustaining thereafter!

Find out more, and follow…

Crowdfunding page:

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