FourState eco-friendly shop opens in Marlow


MyMarlow paid a visit to a brand new permanent shop in Marlow – FourState, which has just opened on Spittal Street. The business sells eco-friendly, sustainable & ethical products, and is being run by ex-Borlase students Robert Kemp and Patrick Brown .

Rob explained “After school we both went our separate ways – Patrick was a marine biologist and dive instructor on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and I worked at a tech firm after graduating with a Natural Sciences degree, so in some ways we could see, and became aware of, environmental issues but from different angles – he from the effects and I from the causes.”

“This inspired us to create our business and everything we do is designed to be as Eco-friendly as possible. We started online, but spotted an opportunity to create our first retail space here in Marlow.

As a business we are carbon neutral and waste neutral, offsetting our impact with carbon offsetting programs, and we have a big focus on education”

The pair explained that the new store will be hosting a variety of talks and workshops with the space available for the local community to run eco events and classes.

Patrick added: “We also run a points system in our online shop where customers are awarded points with purchases which they then donate to a choice of four different environmental charities – and this was what has really gained traction and got us to where we are now.”

Our dream is to open more stores and to continue to grow online to form an “eco Amazon” where there is  a big selection of products and everybody can trust the products they buy knowing that they’re carefully vetted by us.”

MyMarlow wishes the pair every success! And don’t forget they have a website too:


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