Update: Decked car park plans

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At Monday’s Chamber of Commerce meeting, we heard some positive news regarded much needed extra parking for Marlow.

We first reported on proposals for decked parking in Riley Road (behind Sainsburys) back in May 2018, and since then Marlow Town Council, who pulled the plans together have been campaigning long and hard with Bucks and Wycombe Councils to make them a reality. The plan would more or less double the spaces available.

At Monday’s meeting Cllr Alex Collingwood, who was there representing both Bucks County Council and Wycombe District Council, confirmed that the plans had been included in our local “Regeneration Scheme”. This has been signed off by the shadow council of the new Buckinghamshire Council , so is as close to being lined up to happen as we can hope for at this stage.

To explain that a bit more…. in April 2020 a new unitary “Buckinghamshire Council” will replace both Bucks County Council and Wycombe District Council, among others. At time of writing , a “shadow council” is working to set up the new structure. The new council will be made up of newly elected councilors … so actual decision making will be based on WHO is on that elected council. So, in theory, they would not be forced to proceed with schemes and plans previously put forward. However, Cllr Collingwood stated that it would be quite unusual and unlikely for them to backtrack on our local Regeneration Scheme plan, given the level of approval it has had thus far.

So….. not YET definite, but slowly nudging along! We’ll keep you posted as things continue to evolve….

mtc car park before and after
Current and proposed views
mtc car park plans overhead
location of proposed deck

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  1. I don’t like this scheme to build up behind Sainsbury. Would be better to go down, underground or have an upper level at Liston Hall car park? Also shouldn’t we be discouraging traffic into Marlow & building a park&ride instead?

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