Important message from Marlow resident in ICU with Covid-19

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This message is from Marlow resident Matt Dockray, who is the husband of a key member of the management team at the Ship – we have been given the ok to share this info, and it is the reason for their message to self isolate if you have visited recently.

Matt is only 39 years old, and is in ICU with Covid-19, yet has somehow managed to take the time to write this plea, originally posted on Facebook for us to all take this seriously, and STAY HOME.

Please read, and Matt – I know we ALL wish you the very best.

From Matt Dockray:


It has taken quite a while to write this post and wanted to do so for one main reason.

I’m currently in ICU and at one point given a small window of survival as my lungs are failing and awaiting my time to be sedated and put on a ventilator.

I have been ill for three weeks. A small cough on the day I watched Villa at Wembley, chills, fever and headache as we opened our new venue in London. Day my day I felt hungover and crap but carried on like a true hero, ignoring every bit of family advice.

The doctors asked if I had been to China, that was enough to disregard Covid-19 and tell me I may have a seasonal virus but here’s some antibiotics just in case. I didn’t leave the couch for the next 5 days, struggling to stay awake and breathe properly.

It took 2 hours and still no answer from 111, each day it got worse. Finally my wife couldn’t listen to me anymore and called an ambulance. Within an hour I was blue lighted into a military operation where doctors in hazmat suits told me that they thought I had Covid-19 and I was critically ill. They were going to call my wife and family and explain that I would have to be put to sleep onto a ventilator as my lungs were failing and would be going into respiratory arrest.

For those of you who know me, I like a challenge and from that moment have been fighting with every breath on the promise that until I pass out, I’m to stay awake to fight this with everything I can.

Three days later I have started to stabilise. It’s not that I’m getting much better, it’s that I’m not getting any worse. With that it gives me the opportunity to tell each and every one of you who thinks they are invincible or breaching every bit of advice to go out for no reason. For everyone who things you might just get a cough and mild symptoms, or thinks they have had it so they will be fine, please please don’t be an idiot. I wouldn’t wish this on any enemy. I recorded a video to my wife and child to say goodbye because at one point I nearly gave up because of the pain and the fear.

I’m 39 and no poster boy for mens health but if I can end up like this now, so can anyone reading it. On an hourly basis now I am watching the rooms around me with a laminated red rose (identifying those critical with Covid-19) empty as their family say goodby through the glass.

This isn’t for sympathy or attention, I’ve got every bit of positivity coming right at me from those closest and dearest. Every word of encouragement equals a rescue breath to getting better. This is for those that need a kick in the arse to stay out the way, stop panic buying, stop risking loved ones, do as you’re told and let nature take its course.”

Article author: MyMarlow Admin

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