The Virus Poems – book launched

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Mike Bourton has become well known locally for his Covid 19 related poems that he started during lockdown. Mike, who also hosts a couple of shows on Marlow FM, wrote one poem a day from the 23rd of March up to the 31st of May covering all aspects of lock down in a comedic but serious way! Bruce, his re-homed Dalmatian has also become famous in his own right!

Mike has since published a book containing all these poems and illustrations (also by Mike) called The Virus Poems, available to buy now . Definitely worth checking out!

On Saturday 11th July Mike was signing copies of the book outside Satollo – there was a great turn out of Mike and/or Bruce fans! 😉 Here’s a few photos:

Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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