Proposed “quietway” trial on Trinity Road

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A letter has been sent to Marlow residents living close to Trinity Road, regarding it being closed to traffic, the text of which is below. Any feed feedback on the proposed trial is requested by 9th March 2021,and can be provided at

This is part of an initiative from Buckinghamshire Council in establishing “Emergency walking and cycling schemes due to coronavirus” , supporting people travelling to work, school, shopping and leisure activities via walking and cycling.

Consultation for implementation of a “quietway” trial on Trinity Road, Marlow, through the installation of planters and wands to create temporary point closures that restrict through traffic

Buckinghamshire Council has been awarded £514,000 by the Department for Transport for a programme of temporary active travel schemes across the County. These temporary schemes are trials, with the aim of helping people to make local journeys on foot or by bike for travelling to work, schools, shopping and leisure activities. Recent months have seen increased levels of cycling and walking, and the Council has received many requests for measures to support these changing travel patterns.

Buckinghamshire Council has been approached by the South West Chilterns Community Board about the possibility of a “quietway” on Trinity Road for an initial trial duration of six months. A quietway uses point closures to help create a quieter street for everyone, encouraging cycling and walking through a quieter street whilst still maintaining access by car for local residents and businesses.

A plan of the proposed scheme is below and includes; the implementation of a point closure on Trinity Road at the junction with Wethered Road, through the installation of decorative planters, and the installation of bollard posts towards the Dean Street Car Park end of Trinity Road. These will be placed north of residential and business access to ensure existing vehicle access is maintained for all
residential and business properties along Trinity Road. Access to Dean Street car park will be maintained, accessible from Dean Street only.

Through-traffic will be required to divert via Dean Street and Wethered Road. As part of the proposed scheme, additional signage will be installed to improve integration with the existing cycle route through the park, which joins Trinity Road, and lining on the road within the area of the point closures will be refreshed.

We would please welcome your feedback on the proposal by 9th March 2021, which you can provide at the following link It should be noted that any scheme that is implemented would be temporary (an initial duration of six
months). If the proposed trial is implemented, feedback can be provided via the above link during the trial to help “tweak” the scheme as necessary. If it was decided at a later date to make any schemes permanent, this would be subject to a full public consultation.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us at

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