Vigil held outside Marlow police station

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Yesterday evening, a vigil was held outside Marlow police station.

As explained by Lora Wilson, one of the attendees: “Today we held a vigil outside Marlow police station for Sarah Everard and all those who experience harassment, violence, rape and murder at the hands of men.”

Katy Coleman told us “This was a very moving socially distanced vigil/protest. Marlow Police were so warm and welcoming, we felt safe and reassured, and it felt heartwarming to stand up for women and free speech.”

“It was good that plenty of men attended too, all of us 100% happy with all of the messaging” – said Dave Hampton – adding “truth is Marlow people have much more in common than divides us.”

Lora Wilson also expanded on the messaging “I attended the vigil yesterday because violence towards women (and other minority genders) is one of the biggest unspoken problems we face in modern society. For years I have kept quiet about my experiences through fear, guilt and shame and I do not want that for the next generation. I want better for me and for all women, but especially for the amazing teenagers I work and volunteer with in Marlow – I want them to feel safe walking home, to not have to worry about what footwear they have on, the length of their skirt, or how well-lit their route is. They should be free to live and enjoy life without fear of attack or persecution. I’d also like to emphasise the incredible support we have received from men in our community who are stepping up and educating themselves about what small changes they can make to help women feel safer in Marlow.”

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