Million Metre Challenge – a new world record

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On Saturday, Graeme Gordon completed his “Million Metre Challenge” at Marlow Rowing Club. The goal was to complete 1,000km on a rowing machine at the club in the shortest possible time, aiming for a world record in his age group.

The challenge was undertaken to raise money for “Marlow RowAbililty“, a fundraising initiative launched in 2019 aiming to raise £200,000. The funds are to be used to develop the Club’s water frontage, slipway and outdoor boat storage – making it more accessible and safer for all users.

Graeme was rowing from 6am to 11pm and completed the challenge in 6 days, 12 hours, 4 minutes & 34 seconds which will (once verified) earn Graeme the Individual World Record for 1,000,000 metres, in the 60-69 age category. His time beat the previous record of 6 days, 14 hours and 29 minutes, an amazing achievement – well done Graeme!!

Graeme told MyMarlow “I fully admit that on at least 5 occasions I felt and thought I should stop. But I tried ‘just once more’ each time and kept going. Thanks to a magnificent back up team, we got the record. If anyone wants to break it, they are most welcome – I am happy for them to try!”

Donations link right here, please consider donating if you can:

Photos: Graeme had club members alongside throughout the challenge, and visits from the likes of Sir Steve Redgrave and Greg Whyte to give him encouragement.

Article author: Paul Merchant

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