Marlow Guides make bee hotels at Wild Marlow workshop

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On Wednesday, 22nd March, twenty-one girls from 3rd Marlow Girl Guides unit enjoyed an evening with Wild Marlow volunteers making bee hotels for their gardens.

The event was held by Wild Marlow as part of its ‘Bee Town Marlow’ initiative. Last year Marlow was designated a Bee Town for its work to encourage and support bees in and around the town.

Verity West, Chair of Wild Marlow, who ran the workshop, said: “Bees are so important for our wildlife. Almost 90 per cent of wild plants and 75 per cent of leading global crops depend on animal pollination — and one in every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators such as bees. So the work we’re doing here with the Girl Guides and our many other Bee Town activities are vital — not only for the health of our precious wildlife, but for our own health as well.”

Sue Berry, leader of the guiding group said: “The girls really enjoyed their evening, and we all learned a lot about bees in the process. I’m sure they’ll be excited to see the bees enjoying their new hotels in the gardens, too.”

Along with their bee hotels, the girls took home packets of native wildflower seeds, provided by Wild Marlow, to grow at home and provide valuable pollinator pit-stops for the bees.

Article author: Paul Merchant

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