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What we know – as of 10th April 2023

Everyman has confirmed that their Marlow cinema is due to open in “Summer 2023”. We are slowly, but surely getting there – and we will keep you updated as things start to ramp up.

The upmarket cinema chain had previously targetted openings at the end of 2022, and then “Spring 2023”, so are behind the original schedule. This may relate to the complexity of the work needed for the listed building – we have previously reported on extra planning applications put in over the last couple of years to cope with changes needed. We also reported on the need for archaeological supervision during any excavations.

However, work IS proceeding, even though it might not be so apparent from the front! The rear of the building (which was a more modern extension) needed to be completely rebuilt to accommodate the main bulk of the 2-story cinema setup. As our photo shows, this has been completed.

Inside the front of the building, it is more of an empty shell – but there are not such significant structural changes needed – or indeed permitted, given the listed status of the building.

What we can expect

We have shared these images several times before, but for completeness, here we go:

The plans submitted show the 2 separate screens, spread over 2 floors. These are located in a newly built section at the rear. The front of the building is shown as housing the entrance, plus restaurant seating on both floors. So, there is no doubt, this will be a really exciting and massive addition to Marlow town centre!

Timeline of activity and MyMarlow reporting

For those who want reminding (which includes us!) here’s how things have developed since we first mentioned Everyman over 3 years ago!!

April 2023 – recruitment underway for Assistant General Manager, as featured in MyMarlow’s job listings.

During 2022 – various extra planning applications submitted in February, April and December – covering technical details of work needed.

December 2021 – an extra planning application was submitted for “………. a small mezzanine level of approx. 16sqm providing around 10 seats will be provided. This is a very modest amount of new floorspace but key to Everyman in providing a full customer experience.” (here)

October 2021 – the owners of the building confirmed a 25 year lease had been signed – and noted building work should complete in “Q2 2022”

30th Sep 2021 – we noted the need for “the observation by a competent archaeologist of all intrusive groundworks associated with the proposed development.” (here)

20th July 2020 – we confirmed that Everyman’s planning application had been approved (here)

27th March 2020 – we exclusively confirmed details of Everyman’s plans for Marlow (read article here), which the company confirmed by Retweeting us:

Late 2019 – we shared rumours of Everyman’s interest in the old Steamer Trading Cookshop (aka the old “Crown” pub, as the building is known to many)

Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded MyMarlow.co.uk in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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