Changes to car park charging

pay and display

From Saturday 25th February, all fee paying car parks in Marlow which are run by Wycombe District Council will be changing to pay and display.  Replacement of the previous ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system are required following the government’s decision to restrict access to data held by the DVLA – a fundamental requirement for an ANPR system.

You will need to choose how long you want to stay and pay for your ticket when you arrive in the car park. This ticket will then need to be displayed on your vehicle dashboard for the duration of your stay in the car park.

This applies throughout Wycombe District, but specifically in Marlow:

  1. Dean Street car park
  2. Institute Road car park
  3. Liston Road car park
  4. Marlow Central car park
  5. Pound Lane – Court Garden car park
  6. Riley Road car park
  7. West Street car park

Read more about the background to the change on the WDC website


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