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Collage by Jacqueline Ford

Earlier today we popped along to the Marlow Art and Crafts Society Summer Exhibition, being held in the Church Hall.  

 I was impressed by the variety of works on display, traditional and modern styles were all represented, in a variety of media.   

 Subject matter was likewise varied, but one that caught my eye in particular was a collage created by Jacqueline Ford of a very familiar view – our own bridge.  It wasn’t the subject so much, but the very clever use of collage which might not be obvious from the small image shown here – click on the photo for a larger view.    

It was a gloriously sunny day outside, the park was bustling – but during the time we were in the exhibition there were a decent number of visitors.  Visitor participation was encouraged – we were asked to vote for our favourite, and will report back on the winner. 


9 thoughts on “Marlow Art and Crafts Society Exhibition”

  1. I am trying really hard to contact the Marlow Art Society but neither the library nor Liston Hall where they meet can give me a contact . Can anyone help please please ?? Thank you.

  2. I have a contact there… but will first just check they are still involved before divulging their details. Back with more soon!

  3. Hello Bridget,

    Paul contacted me to check I was still the contact!

    I’m sorry you haven’t been able to track us down – please drop me an email to and I’ll be happy to deal with any questions you have.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. p.s. Our next exhibition takes place at the Church Hall from Saturday 28 May to Thursday 2 June 2011 . . . more details to be posted on this site in due course!

  5. Hello Jacqueline,

    I am also very keen to participate as in the Art exhibition in 2012. Can you give me the details on when it will be held in 2012 and who is the contact person ?


  6. Hello Gita,

    Thanks for your interest – I have replied to your enquiry posted via the Marlow Art and Crafts Society email address:’


  7. Our next exhibition (Marlow Art and Crafts Society Jubilee Exhibition) will take place from 2 – 10 June 2012 – will post more details nearer the time.

  8. I am interested in joining a painting class, picked up WOW from High Wycombe library and have been trying the Marlow no:- 01628 477180 but no response. I just wanted some details as to are there any spaces in the class left for either the Monday morning or the Thursday evening and how much the course is.

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