Why is Marlow where it is? Marlow Archaeological Society have some thoughts..

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Well known old engraving of Marlow.

Why is Marlow where it is? Because it’s a convenient location for both the M40 and the M4? Probably not. But this Marlow Archaeological Society talk aims to shed some light on what might be the actual reasons…

A Talk by Colin Berks MIFA MAAIS – Thursday 17 May 2012.

The origins of Marlow and why it is where it is are something of a mystery. The talk will explore what we know, what we don’t know and ideas for research to create a better understanding.

We know that in the Neolithic, say 2500BC, and probably into the early Iron Age, say 300BC, the location of occupation was to the west of the current town around Harleyford, and then the higher areas. There is evidence for Neolithic housing, agriculture, industry and burial. It is also apparent that the main route at this time through the area was from Harleyford, via Bisham, towards Cookham.

By 1200AD things have changed dramatically. Doomsday, in 1086 records manors, a mill and a fishery. In 1290 there are records indicating economic expansion, the beginnings of a town with the main route from Widmer, via Marlow, to Bisham, and a substantial bridge off Park Street, plus the possibility of routes to Bourne End, Henley and Wycombe.

So what happened between say 300BC and about 1000AD to cause the centre of occupation to move from a mile to the west, to its current location? We just don’t know for certain but the talk will explore some possible reasons.

Thursday 17th May 2012, Garden Room, Liston Hall, Marlow, at 8pm

Entrance   £3.50 – members  £2.50, Free Refreshments. Free Parking

Website: http://www.marlow-archaeology.org/

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  1. Did anyone mange to go to this? I couldn’t make it but intrigued to find out what did happen around the Celts, Romans etc times in Marlow! Thanks.

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