*IMPORTANT* Your help needed to save our town centre footpaths!

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[edited on 13-1-15. Marlow Town Council originally requested we all submit forms for TWO footpaths. That has now been changed -they are just asking for completion of ONE form, for Footpath A in the map]

Marlow Town Council is calling for residents to help in its aim to preserve a well used footpath in the centre of town.

The well used footpath, which allow pedestrians to cut through Liston Gardens and New Court from Cromwell Gardens to Liston Road, are threatened by plans put forward by social housing company Red Kite Housing to put the site, including New Court House, up for sale.  See Footpath A below:

footpath for sale


“We need to preserve these well-used paths as public rights of way,” Marlow’s Town Mayor, Cllr Bob Johnson, said. “Many people would be adversely affected if they were closed off and we’re determined that this shouldn’t happen. Marlow townspeople have used these paths over a long period of time, in some cases for a number of years.

We urge everyone who uses the paths regularly to complete a User Evidence Form, which will go to Bucks County Council to support our case for a Public Path order. The more people get behind this, the more likely it is that we can retain the footpaths for public access for years to come.”

The form is available to download at www.marlowtowncouncil.org.uk; alternatively hard copies are available from the Marlow Town Council Office (Court Garden House) or the Local Area Office in the library on Institute Road.

The Council emphasises that this form is the only evidence that will be accepted by Bucks County Council . Direct links here: Footpath A

Once you have completed your form, please return it to the Town Clerk, Annie Jones at Marlow Town Council, Court Garden, Pound Lane, Marlow SL7 2AG.  If you have any questions or need help completing the form please contact the Town Clerk on 01628 484024 or anniejones@marlow-tc.gov.uk

6 thoughts on “*IMPORTANT* Your help needed to save our town centre footpaths!”

  1. I walk this way to work every morning and every evening. Its a lovely route and a bit of space in a built up town centre. Lots and lots of Borlase students go that way too. It should not be blocked.

  2. My Mother in Law lives in Newcout and uses the footpath tegularly to get to the doctors and day hospital. There is also an issue getting to dentist and library. By shutting the footpath this will involve a further 15 minute walk to all these the sites she is 85 – this cannot be right?

    My husband who is it his late 50s remembers walking through all these Footpaths as an eight-year-old. They are part of Marlo and know one has the right to shut them down.

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