Retail carnage in town centre?

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shops closingJust an quick update on various shop closings you will be seeing around town.


For some while she shop has been shut with a sign citing “staff shortages”, whereas in fact the children s furniture chain has closed ALL their stores, to return to being a mail order only business. The premises are already on the market for a new tenant.


The popular women’s clothes shop  simply has a sign in the window stating it has closed, and directing you to one of the other 20 or so other branches.


Cargo has been rumoured to be closing for some while, and now the huge closing down sale signs in the window confirm the fact. Cargo has been there so long, I cant remember what was there before – and it’s a shop that I, like many others, pop in quite often! 🙁


Article author: Paul Merchant

About the author: Founded in its original version back in 2000 - yes the internet DID exist back then. Brought up in Marlow, went to school here, now has children at the same schools. Quite clearly loves all things Marlow - hence spending over 2 decades doing this!

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