The Great Thames Row – Blog 6 – Having An Identity

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tgtr2016 logo small with naomiOne of a series of blogs provided by Naomi Riches – building up to The Great Thames Row, an attempt to set a record for being the fastest woman to row 165 miles along the length of the River Thames! The full archive of related blogs can be found here:

29th February 2016  – Having An Identity

Another month down, another month closer!

We have a few more people on board now to share the load… My amazing friend Fiona Bennett-Meere has had a fair amount of experience working with volunteers in the past has taken on the task of making sure all the right people are in the right places up to and during the event.

tgtr2016 logoAnother wonderful friend, Helen Jacob took some time out of her hectic schedule to help us create the logo for the row.  Liz and I realised very early on that The Great Thames Row needed it’s own identity, an images, a name that people could relate to.  We started off with My Little Paddle and whilst that is beautifully ironic and oh so typically British it not explain the challenge, capture you imagination or give you an idea of the scale.  We thought The Great Thames Row was far more apt… or TGTR2016 for short.

But where to start with this logo… we played about with some ideas but we needed Helen to really bring it to life.  She understand about colours, layouts, fonts and generally how to make a rough scribble in a note book look professional and crisp.

We have a few versions though, for social media and the kit there is black on yellow, for the posters, fliers, banners, info packs etc we will use the one on the white background.

It is strange to think we have our own identity now… it is not just Naomi Riches rowing down the Thames any more, it seems to have a life of it’s own.

If you would like to know how you can get involved in this, please contact us at and we can send you all the information you might need.

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