Naomi Riches – rows the Thames, gets a World Record!



We are delighted to share the news that Naomi Riches has completed her epic 165 mile row of the Thames in a time of 47 hours 59 minutes 54 seconds.   

Well done Naomi – what a truly amazing achievement!

The final few hours were agonisingly tough – Naomi was rowing against the tide, having been at it for 2 days remember!  There will be official verification procedures, but Naomi had to achieve under 50 hours for the official Guinness World Record to be recognised, and she has clearly smashed that time limit.

We thought we would wrap up with a selection of photos mostly taking during Naomi’s stop at Marlow Rowing Club . If you scroll past the end of the gallery, we have also shared images and videos from various Twitter contributors.

Oh, and Naomi might have finished, but it doesn’t mean you can still donate]

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Our Gallery

Selected Tweets – from Marlow onwards!

A brief video of the cheers as Naomi leaves Marlow

Video of Naomi soon after leaving Marlow, followed by a flotilla of rowing boats

Passing the (huge!) Thames Barrier on Monday morning

Head of British Rowing, Annamarie Phelps was waiting near the QE2 bridge at the Dartford Crossing

Lisa Knill was onboard a support boat and giving updates in the final agonising miles. And check out that forboding view…. not quite the leafy Thames we are used to here!

Waiting at the end….

and a final note from Lisa confirms at


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