The Ivy on Marlow High Street?!

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The famous Ivy restaurant in London
The famous Ivy restaurant in London

Time for a bit of High Street gossip!  Well, this is a bit more than just gossip – plans are afoot for us to get a new restaurant in the premises which used to be Clarks Shoes, and more recently has been occupied by Mooch and Craft Coop.

And who is behind the plans? None other than The Ivy – London’s famous celebrity hangout!

If planning consent is granted – it will be quite a transformation over 3 floors, and the end result will be huge.

Firstly, the existing building, shown in red on our no-expenses-spared image below will be extended back on the ground floor as shown by the orange – doubling the floor space. This will seat approx 150 diners. The remaining garden – in green will also be used for seating.

The  first and second floor are currently flats, but would instead house the kitchen, a private dining room, and staff canteen, toilets etc.


Below is the proposed floorplan, as can be seen full size on the publicly viewable plans on Wycombe District Council’s website.

ivy floorplan

What could we expect?


The Ivy restaurant in London celebrates its 100th year in 2017, and is well known as a celebrity hang out.  That location is a one off, but the group does have a handful of other locations under “The Ivy Collection” branding:

Ivy Grills and Brasseries – 3 in London, 1 in Bristol

“Bringing the familiar luxury of The Ivy to a select group of restaurants, The Ivy Grills and Brasseries offer extensive all-day menus featuring the best of modern British dishes in a relaxed dining atmosphere. Each Grill and Brasserie is sophisticated yet approachable, casual yet polished and can be found in carefully selected locations….”

Ivy Cafes – 3 in London

“With something for everyone, The Ivy Café has an all-day café-style menu that ranges from breakfast through to lunch and dinner including light snacks, sandwiches and afternoon tea. We have a dedicated weekend brunch menu with some delicious alternatives to our mid-week à la carte…..”

Cutting through all that though: both brands have all day opening – with special menus for breakfast, afternoon tea etc, and looking at the menus of both, I couldn’t see a difference in price – in fact they had many items in common for the same price!  For example, a burger at £13.75, fish and chips £14.50. Whichever way you look it it, they are both restaurants – perhaps the interior styling differs for each brand.  The menus looked quite a lot like those from “Bills” in terms of variety of choice.

Opening Hours?

ivy-licensing-hoursThe application to operate a licensed premises can be seen in the window of the premises, which is basically 8am to midnight.

Comments so far?

There are a number of public comments on the planning website, the majority of which are objections on the basis of

  • Drawings suggest seating for 150 people – where will they park, as one objector has commented.
  • Noise and disturbances – primarily for residents on the old brewery site.

I did find one public response that was positive, stating: ” I think such a restaurant will further enhance the reputation of Marlow as a centre of excellence for eating out and contribute to the ‘buzz’ about the town”

As always – watch this space for developments…

You know we will be the first with the news!

5 thoughts on “The Ivy on Marlow High Street?!”

  1. Typical of those who can only come up with negative views whenever sensible addition to the Town is proposed. That said, it probably is time to set up a Park & Ride for Marlow (say at a suitable site towards the roundabout at Little Marlow or a Park and Walk area just off the road towards Longridge and then look to make the High Street a pedestrian friendly space with provision only for disabled, taxi and deliveries. There is no need for able bodied shoppers to park in the High Street and it would be a much more pleasant place as everyone will now see now while the Bridge is closed.

  2. Not another restaurant, Marlow is littered with them. We need grass route services like Clark shoes!! Come back Clarks.

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